About us

Kaivalya….. the word itself is its introduction, Kaivalya means attaining the absolute education. It enlightens one’s mind, heart and soul who can see the things of the world through the eyes of knowledge exactly as they are, Kaivalya (education) makes us different from rest species of the world.The other meaning of Kaivalya is liberation by education. When one gets complete education, he becomes freed from the darkness of ignorance, illiteracy & barbaric manners.The world “Kaivalya” is verily attached to the spiritual and cultural history of India. The last & 24th Tirthankar (Ford Maker) Lord Mahavir in Jain religion had attained the state of Kaivalya after deep meditation and severe austerities of 12 and ½ (half) years, after leaving home at age of 30.

Drawing from this concept Mr. Suraj Kumar, the founder of Kaivalya Foundation has created this organization with the purpose to carve the future of the nation who are studying in schools.




Kaivalya Foundation is an organization for aiding children in their education regardless of their family background and economical state. It has a potential team of philanthropists, learned, qualified, passionate, dedicated people and government employees with having aim to improve & empower the education system of India with their foresight, future planning and passion to take it forward. Our organization helps students in continuing their study by availing any needs for their study.



Our Aim

Kaivalya foundation has gone through different survey reports on the education system of India. According to it, today 94% of Indian children have access to schools. But the quality of education in towns, cities and villages are not same whereas it should be uniform and up to the standard. But many schools don’t provide good education up to a satisfactory level. A few impressions of survey are here as below-

  • Roughly 50% of children in the age group 07-14 years are unable to do basic reading of math calculations.
  • Only 40% in this age group complete secondary education.
  • 55 million children drop out after only 4 years of attaining school.
  • 110 million are unable to read a paragraph of text in their mother tongue.

The current education system is not uniform, standard and sophisticated in every school. It has many drawbacks, loopholes and disadvantages. It too doesn’t involve every child of the society in educating them, especially poor children.


We have a thought that – “Every child is son of the nation, and its citizens are their guardians without having any blood relation with them.” Childhood is the time of education and it’s age is something like moulding soft mud into ripen pot. Every child must be in the classroom in its childhood, not either in the factory or picking garbage to earn their daily livelihoods.

The great scholar and economist of his time, Chanakya pandit said that – “A learned student can earn money and prestige anywhere, even on foreign land, but it does require complete education.”

Therefore our aim is to bring those children back to main stream of education system who have either left their education due to poverty and lack of support or have never joined schools due to their poor family background, being orphan, lack of schools, lack of good education environments, lack of study materials & instruments, transports, lack of family support, incapable to paying school fees or anything else in it. We are here to support them in all way without thinking their social status, economic condition, family background, caste, creed or religion in starting as well as continuing their study without any partiality. We are looking to stop all kinds of child lab our, child exploitation, child abuse and make them enlighten with kaivalya…. The complete education so that all of them can live respectfully in the society with broad chest.


We too provide educative platform for students with senior students, alumnus, working professionals and government officers where aspiring students can gather to talk, discuss, express their thoughts time-to time and they can ask their questions related to their education, career, future from seniors & respected persons and be benefitted through it.


We too have aim to build up their character which aid them living like a legend of the time. It is well said by a great person that – “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost, but if character is lost, everything is lost. “Therefore building character too in students along with giving them proper education is very vital necessity of current time. Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Kalam, Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath are few examples of it in present time. No one can become good disciple without discipline. Therefore we insist to give motivational and inspirational speech for developing character and moral in students through our foundation as it is foundation of the knowledge.


Kaivalya Foundation Organizes different kinds of contests, quizzes, cultural and motivational program in different schools time-to-time and gives awards along with its certificates to encourage every student. Our prior works are as below-

  • Organizing quizzes and contests
  • Group discussions
  • Providing Educative platform to get together with qualified persons and government officers and working professionals
  • Organizing cultural and motivational program
  • Aiding students in continuing their study
  • Availing study materials for needed students

We invite suggestions, ideas and good thoughts from everyone for the improvements of our mission to serve the nation.


Thanks you.